3 Things About How To Increase Your Revenue From Existing Customers Your Team has to Know

The ultimate goal of any business is to earn more money from their customers. But this doesn’t happen all of a sudden. To achieve this, you have to put ingenious efforts to acquire a large customer base, make them activated and retain them. Understanding deeply the psychology of customer behavior will help greatly in monetizing and increased revenue from them.

Let us see some effective ways to generate more revenue and optimize earnings from your customer base.

1. Data Analysis

Knowing your entire customer journey right form their acquisition to retention can help you in identifying the barriers in generating revenue and any friction in payment process. Analyze where the company is making most money and where they lose. Identifying these pinch points (where potential earnings are lost) and causes for the drop-offs will generate ideas for fixing up the revenue leaks.

2. Customer Segmentation

Customers can be segmented by measuring the level of user’s engagement an ARPU (Average Revenue per User). Customers can also grouped based on age, location, source of acquisition, products/service they use the most. Measuring the revenue from each of these customer groups will provide good insights on which customer segment you should increase your focus on.

This breakdown of user base varies for different companies. Therefore, creating these groups can lead to various ideas to satisfy customers with specific wants and needs.

3. Customized offerings

Personalization is a tactic for building strong relationship with customers to retain them. Major reason for success behind Amazon, Google, Netflix is they have developed strong “recommendation engines”. However, building such engines are not relatively complex as you think. It can be generated using the various algorithms on the data collected as per the requirement. To start with, target a small segment of customers to capture their response and effectiveness.


Apart from the above mentioned ways, you can boost up your customer’s purchases is to offer them additional items to purchase or more features to pay for. A good e.g. for this can be Amazon with its wide range of products and number of payment options which ease customers’ experience and satisfies them. Surveys can also be a powerful tool to know what people are willing to pay for.

To conclude, I suggest letting the customer data lead the way in measuring customer’s needs and the company to take necessary growth steps to maximize the revenue.



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