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Right form the inception of the incubator, Cultiv8 has helped startups raise investment. Cultiv8 supports its startups with SEED money support. More than 20 startups have been provided with SEED support from Cultiv8. We have also helped our startups raise subsequent rounds in terms of angel investments and VC investments. 62 crores have been raised by our startups in terms of angel and VC investments.

We have now embarked on a journey to raise investments for startups and businesses that are not part of Cultiv8. We provide the following services to help startups/businesses raise investments.


Preparing Pitch Deck

Preparing the Business Plan/ Information Memorandum

Recommendations on the model/structure to raise fund ( debentures/ convertible notes/ equity etc or combinations of two or more instruments)

Financial Modelling and Projections


Preparing the EXIT for the investor

Fund Related Documents/ Agreements

Introduction to Investors /Financial Institutions

Negotiating the deal on behalf of the startup/business