Top 6 Items To Consider To Build a Website That Customers Love

A Company’s Website is the most important marketing tool for the company. When someone wants to know about a company they search for the company in google and end up on their website. Likewise, if someone is searching for a product or service then they may end up on your site if you offer the service. So you should know how to build a website that customers love. Any website should cover two important objectives- First, It should cover all the customer requirements and Second, It would be optimised for best SEO results.

Here, we will discus 6 most important aspects of building a website that will over not the these objectives

1.Build the Home Page to address the Customer Requirements

As we have described, the website is the most important marketing tool. The website should ensure it covers the three important aspects of marketing – Create Awareness about the company, Explain the products and services the company offers (Knowledge) and persuade the visitor to take ACTION. The Home Page or basic information page should convey the value propositionclearly so that the visitor is able to make a decision and persuade them to take the next step in the funnel.

2. No Distractions

When customers visit the site, they should be able to see what the company is, what the company is asking them to do. There should absolutely be no distractions. Videos,  pictures or even content that are not relevant to the customer are sources of distraction.

3. Think Mobile

        In 2013, mobile phones made up 16.2 percent of web web traffic. In 2018, that had increased to 52.2 percent. This also includes  significant traffic from tablets. The website has to be optimised for both tablets and mobile as majority of the customers may view the site from mobile.

4. Speed Matters

The website has to load really fast. Ideal Website Load Time is 2 to 5 seconds. However, each second beyond 2 seconds results in greater bounce rates. Website load time not only affects customer experience it also impact the SEO.

5. Value Social proof

We would rather try hearing from someone like us than from the company. What’s good about the product and why people value it? The website should have social proof to showcase how customers value the company’s product.

6. Every page is a Home page

People should be able to take action in every page rather than navigate to the home page. There should be a call for action on every page.

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