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Customer Activation

Increasing Customer Activation

After you have put all the efforts to acquire large number of potential customers, how do you actually engage them in using your product? Almost 98% of traffic to websites doesn’t lead to activation and most mobile apps lose 80% of their users in just 3 days. The more users who experience the aha moment of your product are more likely to stick with your product and activate it. In order to increase your customer activation, Growth Hacking offers you 3 important points to focus on.

  1. Mapping the Route to the Aha Moment
  2. Creating a funnel report of conversions and drop-offs
  3. Survey of Dos and Don’ts
  1. Mapping the Route to the Aha Moment

 The first step is to identify each and every point in your customers’ journey towards the aha moment of your product – right from knowing your product to their experience with it. To know in details about the Aha moment click here.

You may be well  versed with each and every feature of your product/ app but do the customers really know? In case if you have developed an app, do a trial installation with a third person and observe how easy it is for him to install the app in one go. Learn the obstacles faced by him. In order to use your product, the initial experience must be hassle free. Once they have landed at your app/ website, are they provided with the options to get the aha user experience? So you should list all the options to meet the actual need of your customers.  Just reading through these steps can make you think of many ways where users might lose interest or become frustrated and exit the app/web page.

You always have to study hard about the user behavior and then query them on the basis of your observations in order to make the efficient changes to impact the potential customers.

Once you have identified the steps that lead to the aha moment, next step is to know the conversion rates.

  1. Measuring Conversions and Drop offs

One of the best ways to measure conversion rates is through a funnel report, a tool that displays the rates at which people who know your product moving through each of the key steps in the customer journey. Create a funnel report with no of people vs who visited site, signed up, activated, billed and dropped off. For e.g. For Uber the funnel report will display the rate at which no of people who download the app, create new account, book their ride and so on..

In addition to measuring the conversion rate, the report should also track the channels ( google search, ad words, referrals, banner ads, social media pages )through which the customers have come to know your product. By doing so you discover which acquisition channel you should further focus to gain more active customers. Google Analytics can help you out to create these funnel reports. When the funnel report needs combining data from multiple sources, it becomes a bit complicated. Having a data analyst in your team might be able to identify the data sources to query and build the report effectively.

When the number of people visiting your web page/ app doesn’t pass through billing stage, it is obvious that there is a major stumbling block in the checkout experience. In that case, you should consider providing easy payment options or new design to ease the check out process. Next step is to get out to the public, conduct some surveys to know more about the user behaviour.

  1. Survey of Dos and Don’ts

We all would have experienced the customer survey pop up when visiting a website/app. It can be an effective discovery tool for you for studying user behavior and at the same time annoying to the users. To get the response effectively, the survey should be very brief and should be delivered to users under 2 main conditions.

  1. When their activity indicates confusion or staying on one page for a long time
  2. Right after they have created an account or made a purchase

Both these options can yield valuable insights about why customer decided to take the next step or did not. It is preferable to ask open ended questions or offer a set of answers to chose from. Letting them share whatever they feel gives you a chance to know them better.

An interesting fact is the reason why people abandon your product at any given step will come from people who didn’t give up. To people who leave the app/page without completing their orders, asking “what has stopped you from completing your order” will give you an effective response where you should focus on redesigning the app. 

Here are some questions that will yield good insights about the customer behavior

  1. Does this page contain the information you are looking for ?
  2. Was there anything about the checkout process we should improve?
  3. What convinced you to complete your purchase today?
  4. Is there anything preventing you to sign up at this point?
  5. If you did not make a purchase today, can you tell us why?

Always have in mind, you should never stop once you acquire large number of customers, you should continuously engage them actively by updating your product based on their behavior. As a result you can increase their retention with your product which in turn increases your revenue.


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