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Optimize Your Website For SEO

6 Steps To Optimize Your Website For SEO

It is very important to optimize your website for Search Engine Optimization. When someone searches for a particular product/service and if your company is offering that product or service then you should be listed in the first page of Google results. Less than 5% of the audience will move to the second page or further. Further, the person who is searching for the product or service is someone who needs the product/service making him a very potential client for the company. Hence, it is important to build the SEO of the website.

SEO can be quite intimidating because it does not have particular guide line and GOOGLE continuously keeps updating it crawler. But there are a bare-minimum things that needs to be taken care of while building the website. The six steps outlined below may not be enough to list your website in the first page of Google Results but these hygiene issues have to be properly addressed while building the site.
  1. Title Tag: The title tag of the website tells what the page is all about. It should be less than 70 characters. Choose the title tag for every page carefully. 
  2. Meta Description: The meta description on pages of your website gives search engines a little more insight into what your page is about. To choose the right Title Tag and Meta Description for the pages do an anonymous search in google about the content you are writing in the page and google will display a list that will guide you better to choose the meta description. 
  3. WordPress Plugins: If you are using WordPress to build your site then you can use free plugins like All in one SEO and Platinum SEO for Title Tags and Meta Description. You can also get suggestions using paid plugins like Scribe SEO.
  4. Index the Images: Make sure the images are indexed in line with the service or what the images describe. Many website index images as 1.jpg etc. This does not help SEO in anyway. 
  5. Build Internal Links: When you write posts and blogs make sure the blogs are linked internally to other pages in the website. Like say a blog can be linked to the product page. Building external links is good but having internal links also matters when you cannot build external links. 
  6. Format the blog: When you write a blog, name the blog properly. The content should be optimized to become a Snippet. This can be done by having a Header (H1) which will be the Title of the blog. Sub Headings H2 and H3 become the snippet. Make sure you use the format “H2.” and not “ H2)”. Search engines understand H2. Use Bold letters fro Sub Headings and important messages. 
Finally to understand How SEO works and how to build SEO using content marketing i strongly recommend you use this guide by Hubspot. Click here for the link

Dr. B. Kaarthick,

CEO, Cultiv8

Is your product really needed in the market?

How do you identify if your product is a must – have?

To start with, HP has created a must – have product for me i.e my laptop without which my days don’t move forward. If you Have developed your dream product here are some points to focus on to identify if it is a must-have

  1. Does it really solves the customer problem or add any core value to them?
  2. What is the aha moment of your product?
  3. Measuring Retention
  1. Does it really solves the customer problem or add any core value to them?

Simply developing a product with advanced technology and exciting features alone doesn’t make it a worthy product in the market. Do the features in it really solve any real-life problems faced by the customers or add any core value to them is what matters. To make it simple, Google glass was introduced with so many exciting features but it couldn’t make it a place in the market because it wasn’t user friendly.

People purchase a product either for their need or for desire. First you must identify the core value, your product gives to your customers. If your product is really worth, no matter what it will attain a sustainable growth even by word of mouth or virality. You cannot make people love a substandard product even with huge effort of advertising and marketing. In order to make the people love your product they must experience the ‘aha’ moment.

  1. What is the ‘Aha’ moment?

Aha moment is when your product rally impresses its users and make them realize the core value and the benefits they receive from it. Your product should be built in such a way to give  a promising delivery of an Aha experience that the customers find it irresistible and fill a meaningful need. A product/ app/ service may give the ‘Aha’ moment either with a specialized feature or on continuous usage. To understand clearly, aha moment for Facebook is when you can find your old friends and able to connect with them, for Ola / Uber is to have a cab in front of just by few taps and the ability to track them. To identify that moment can be tricky but the following measures can help you out.

Must – have survey

A simple survey can let you know whether your product is loved by the customers or not. Let’s have a look at it.

How much will you be disappointed if —- product no longer existed?

  1. Very disappointed
  2. Somewhat disappointed
  3. Not disappointed
  4. I don’t use it

If someone tells me Google will stop working from tomorrow, I can’t even imagine how can I digest it because I merely can’t live without it.

Have you recommended this product to anyone?


Whom do you think would benefit more from this product?

Answers for these questions will help you decide your product’s impact on the customers. If this survey gives you a positive result, then you should move ahead with a survey requesting which features of your product excites the customers and areas to be improved else you should step back and concentrate on your product design.

  1. Measuring Retention

Once your product have passed the must have phase then next step is to measure the customer retention rate which is the number of users who continuously use your product. Having n number of features in your product may at times be confusing and cumbersome to use but at times removing or limiting certain features may result in effective usage. To know deep about how customers feel about your product you should find the right community to survey with right questions.

If the customers acquired initially doesn’t last long, the reason why they had left should be found.  If the existing users are not aware of the new versions/ features of your product there are chances that they may stop using it. The way you communicate the value and benefits to the existing users may convert them to potential customers which eventually will increase the retention rate. More the pleasure of using your product, more the retention rate.



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