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How to build a website that customers love

Top 6 Items To Consider To Build a Website That Customers Love

            A Company’s Website is the most important marketing tool for the company. When someone wants to know about a company they search for the company in google and end up on their website. Likewise, if someone is searching for a product or service then they may end up on your site if you offer the service. So you should know how to build a website that customers love. Any website should cover two important objectives- First, It should cover all the customer requirements and Second, It would be optimised for best SEO results.

Here, we will discus 6 most important aspects of building a website that will over not the these objectives

  1. Build the Home Page to address the Customer Requirements

        As we have described, the website is the most important marketing tool. The website should ensure it covers the three important aspects of marketing – Create Awareness about the company, Explain the products and services the company offers (Knowledge) and persuade the visitor to take ACTION. The Home Page or basic information page should convey the value propositionclearly so that the visitor is able to make a decision and persuade them to take the next step in the funnel

  1. No Distractions

        When customers visit the site, they should be able to see what the company is, what the company is asking them to do. There should absolutely be no distractions. Videos,  pictures or even content that are not relevant to the customer are sources of distraction.

  1. Think Mobile

        In 2013, mobile phones made up 16.2 percent of web web traffic. In 2018, that had increased to 52.2 percent. This also includes  significant traffic from tablets. The website has to be optimised for both tablets and mobile as majority of the customers may view the site from mobile. 

  1. Speed Matters

        The website has to load really fast. Ideal Website Load Time is 2 to 5 seconds. However, each second beyond 2 seconds results in greater bounce rates. Website load time not only affects customer experience it also impact the SEO. 

  1. Value Social proof

We would rather try hearing from someone like us than from the company. What’s good about the product and why people value it? The website should have social proof to showcase how customers value the company’s product. 

  1. Every page is a Home page

        People should be able to take action in every page rather than navigate to the home page. There should be a call for action on every page.         

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Optimize Your Website For SEO

6 Steps To Optimize Your Website For SEO

It is very important to optimize your website for Search Engine Optimization. When someone searches for a particular product/service and if your company is offering that product or service then you should be listed in the first page of Google results. Less than 5% of the audience will move to the second page or further. Further, the person who is searching for the product or service is someone who needs the product/service making him a very potential client for the company. Hence, it is important to build the SEO of the website.

SEO can be quite intimidating because it does not have particular guide line and GOOGLE continuously keeps updating it crawler. But there are a bare-minimum things that needs to be taken care of while building the website. The six steps outlined below may not be enough to list your website in the first page of Google Results but these hygiene issues have to be properly addressed while building the site.
  1. Title Tag: The title tag of the website tells what the page is all about. It should be less than 70 characters. Choose the title tag for every page carefully. 
  2. Meta Description: The meta description on pages of your website gives search engines a little more insight into what your page is about. To choose the right Title Tag and Meta Description for the pages do an anonymous search in google about the content you are writing in the page and google will display a list that will guide you better to choose the meta description. 
  3. WordPress Plugins: If you are using WordPress to build your site then you can use free plugins like All in one SEO and Platinum SEO for Title Tags and Meta Description. You can also get suggestions using paid plugins like Scribe SEO.
  4. Index the Images: Make sure the images are indexed in line with the service or what the images describe. Many website index images as 1.jpg etc. This does not help SEO in anyway. 
  5. Build Internal Links: When you write posts and blogs make sure the blogs are linked internally to other pages in the website. Like say a blog can be linked to the product page. Building external links is good but having internal links also matters when you cannot build external links. 
  6. Format the blog: When you write a blog, name the blog properly. The content should be optimized to become a Snippet. This can be done by having a Header (H1) which will be the Title of the blog. Sub Headings H2 and H3 become the snippet. Make sure you use the format “H2.” and not “ H2)”. Search engines understand H2. Use Bold letters fro Sub Headings and important messages. 
Finally to understand How SEO works and how to build SEO using content marketing i strongly recommend you use this guide by Hubspot. Click here for the link

Dr. B. Kaarthick,

CEO, Cultiv8

How to Stabilize Emotional Quotient especially for Entrepreneurs?

How to Stabilize your Emotional Quotient

Yesterday, I met my entrepreneur friend who was overloaded with stress. After a small conversation with him, I found that his client was new to the business and very aggressive. I know him for the past 5years. He has been running a successful venture.

He was worried about delivering the work in a short span, as his client demanded. The stress started affecting his work which prompted me to write this blog. In life, emotions can certainly get the best of us. It’s hard to stay calm in-between life’s stresses; it’s challenging to bring ourselves back to neutral. 

It’s best to acknowledge your emotional state, accept it, validate it, and then try and move on. If your emotions involve another individual, communicate with that person in a rational, levelheaded tone to reach a common ground. If your emotions come from personal stresses, take some time for yourself and do something that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

There are few ways to stabilize your mood and stop emotions in their tracks before you do something you might regret.

Acknowledge Thoughts

Taking note of your thoughts and feelings, as well as validating them, can help you move on. “Unhelpful thoughts often pop into our minds without our conscious control and science is now showing that fighting against unhelpful thoughts usually only serves to amplify them and in turn magnify our emotional experience,” Shape thoughts towards a positive direction.

Separate Yourself From Your Emotions

Keep in mind that your thoughts and emotions don’t define you. “Remind yourself that ‘you are not your thoughts. “There is a big difference between having the thought that you’re undesirable and actually being undesirable.” If you let your thoughts define your core, you’ll become hopeless and more in negativity. Be the best version of yourself.

Bring Humor To Your Emotions

By making your emotions seem silly and lighthearted, it’ll minimize the rage and sadness you might feel. “Write the thought on paper and make a picture out of it,” By creating a pretty painting and letting your fun, despite the hardship you are dealing with, you’ll be better able to calm down.


Closing your eyes and meditate that can keep emotions under control. It allows you to think clearly through problems and emotional hardships. Meditate for a few minutes regularly to create a healthy habit regarding emotional regulation, or use when you feel a stress.

Don’t Judge Yourself

As humans, it’s natural to become emotional every now and then. Take your emotions for what they are and validate them as real feelings, without judging yourself. “If you can non-judgmentally observe their presence, they will reach their peak more quickly and eventually dissipate without any effort on your behalf,” If you start hating on yourself, you will only feel worse.

Cry, If You Need

“If you need to cry, there is a reason, and the tears should come out. It’s healthy to experience a full range of emotions,” Let yourself be vulnerable and cry if you need to. Don’t worry about mascara; just let yourself be. It’s best to cry alone or in the comfort of people you trust, rather than on the street or at work, so be mindful of your location.

Get Fresh Air

Fresh air can calm emotions. Take yourself for a brisk walk outside, as the movement can provide mood-boosting energy and promote healthy blood flow. Taking a few moments to yourself allows you to collect your thoughts, calm your body and separate yourself from the situation.

Convert Your Emotions Into Something Positive

Let your emotions enhance your creativity and performance. “If you’re angry, try to do something constructive with your anger” Convert emotions into your art, as well. Write a story, sing a relatable song, doodle, or work on a project you have been putting off.

While it’s important to address your emotions, it is critical to keep them under control and move on efficiently and quickly so that you can start enjoying your life again. When emotions involve another person, it’s vital to work with that person and communicate your thoughts well in order to overcome the tension.


Monisha Kumaraguru

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