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RECIPE for Success

I am a fitness freak or thats what i call myself. I love working out. I have always felt that keeping myself active also keeps me happy. A year ago i used to go to a gym  to workout, three to four days a week.  Other days i will find my own reasons to sleep although if i missed workout i used to feel guilty. In fact my driving force to go to the gym was guilt. I have joined a new athletics club, “Genesis Sports Club”, last year. To myself surprise I have started going to the ground every day off late. In fact, in the last one year my frequency of travel and work load has increased but I have started going to the ground every day i am in town. What has changed? Have i become more conscious about my health. Have i become less lazier? I did do an introspection and found that every day i go to the stadium i leave the stadium a little happier. Today my motivation to workout is not driven by guilt but it is driven by happiness. Every time when i feel lazy to get up in the morning I have this other part of my brain jumping out shouting, “ Your gonna miss the fun today”. I just jump out of bed and make sure i go the ground. Every day I have come back thoroughly refreshed even though I go through a gruelling workout almost every day.
I remember once hearing Mahatria say, “The success of the gym is not in having great infrastructure and equipment but the success of the gym is making sure that they can bring the clients to the gym every day”. I was not able to understand it clearly then, but today i can clearly describe what it means , the success of a service industry whether its is a gym , hotel, education institution, co-working space or any other service industry is not just about meeting the functional needs of the customer, it is also about meeting the emotional needs of the customer. I would even go on to use it as a differentiating factor for even doctors. a great doctor is not just someone who can cure you but he also has to give you the emotional comfort of making .
Today, to become very successful in business , it is not enough if you meet the functional needs of the customer, you also have to meet the emotional needs of the customer.  Let us say you go to a restaurant. good food and proper customer service is something that you expect out of the restaurant for sure. Thats the functional perspective of the restaurant. If you can make the customer leave the restaurant a bit happier than the moment he entered the restaurant than you are also addressing the emotional needs of the customer. In fact, a great service does not guarantee success. Service is only a technical transaction and thats not enough. To succeed in business you need to have both SERVICE and HOSPITALITY. If service is a technical transaction which satisfies the the functional needs than HOSPITALITY is the emotional transaction and you need both for a successful business venture.
I’m going to give you guys the best recipe you’ve ever had in your life, “The recipe for success”. And it only has two ingredients. So it’s really simple. “It’s 49 parts service and 51 parts hospitality”. Service handles the functional needs of the customer but more important hospitality handles the functional needs of the customer.
Now lets focus on how to make this happen. If we have to deliver a great hospitality then we have to first get over the notion of “Customer first or The customers is always right”.  No one can always be right. In order to make sure we deliver a great hospitality the first step is to  build a team that can take care of each other. If the team can work together and take care of each other than they can work together to better take care of their customers. On the contrary if there is differences in the team then the common objective of building great hospitality fails miserably. So make sure you build a GREAT TEAM and tell them the recipe for success.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. B. Kaarthick
                                                                                                                                                                                        CEO – Cultiv8
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