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Cultiv8 Accelerator

The 6-month Accelerator programme will focus on the activities beyond funding – the needs of startups around mentoring, eco-system outreach and getting the right growth mindset beyond early revenues and market validation. The program will look at helping start-ups achieve – market access, access to high quality mentoring on specific areas of Product, Technology, Design, GTM and Leadership. The other areas of focus includes compliance as well as Marketing / PR Services.

Why Cultiv8 Accelerator

  • Get Industry Experts to fine tune your existing business
  • Build a Compelling GTM
  • Positioning your brand for improved visibility and Industry connects



We are delighted to introduce our first cohort of 10 exceptional companies. They come from diverse industries such as fin-tech, pregnancy and women health, cyber security, industrial IOT and Data Science.

Ango Health

Pregnancy companion providing information on everything related to pregnancy from diet to excersie to changes in body. Some content is created in collaboration with specialist doctors. Women can also get their queries answered on the platform / app.

Ask Arvi

Personal insurance assistant (mainly focusing on micro insurance). Provides insightful conversational assistance using AI and data.


An AI-powered IoT platform for Agriculture ecosystem that records a variety of growing conditions on the farm. It then uses artificial intelligence and data science to make on-farm predictions, before delivering the insights anywhere on any device including (iOS, Android, Tablet and web)


Flagship product “byteFACTORY” provides SaaS based end to end digital factory solutions. Furthermore looking to create a product ecosystem comprising of Self Service SaaS, Learning as a Service, Hardware/DIY options and IIOT freelancing solutions.


A cyber security layer to help protect and authenticate user identity thereby preventing account takeover (impersonation), automated attacks and fraud. NeoEyeD AI monitors 100+ behavioral factors to detect anomalies and prevent account takeover in real time


A digital transformation company providing Industry 4.0 Solutions such as – APIs for ERP Integration, IIOT Enabled Hardware, Altering Engine, Secured IOT Platform, Big Data Management and Analytics Platform.


Flagship product “Right Profile” is a customer profiler and customer decision support system that aids in risk based pricing and results in standardized & accurate credit decisions that complement a lenders underwriting process. Product suite comprises of Customer Profiling products which aid in choosing the right customer and ensuring that he/she gets the appropriate loan amount.

Text Mercato

Built a SaaS tool to automate product cataloguing for e-commerce clients.


Uses AI, image processing and ML to come up with a ‘trust score’ on the basis of certain factors of a person’s profile, including age, gender, interests and income range. The solution can be used in – social scoring for first-time loan seekers, identifying fake or fraud profiles and e-commerce (increasing marketing campaign efficacy).


Provides customised experiential holiday packages.


Data Science product which helps solve business problems statistically. The products are segmented by verticals and domain focus areas include BFSI, Hi-Tech Manufacturing(FMEA bots) and Supply Chain Management(Last Mile delivery bots).

Founder Speak Session

Cultiv8 Accelerator organised a Founder Speak session on 12th July 2019. We had Ms. Priya Mohan with us to share her entrepreneurial story. An alumnus of ISB Hyderabad, Priya earlier co-founded an ed-tech startup – Vidyartha which had a successful exit in 2017. Currently Priya is a VC and on the team of Venture Highway. The startups had a wonderful time interacting with Priya and knowing about her journey as an entrepreneur.

Design Thinking Workshop

A 2 days rigorous Design Thinking Bootcamp was organized for the startups in the Accelerator cohort. The sessions were facilitated by Dr. Kaarthick Balakrishnan. Key takeaways for the startups were – to better articulate the theme, vision and mission statement, designing sales pitch by understanding customer persona, work on GTM Strategy by understanding customer journey, Business Model Canvas, understanding investor mindset and scripting final pitch deck. This bootcamp would allow startups to go back and refine their GTM strategy and overall pitch.


Glad to have been a part of these sessions. There are a lot of things which we know, but this
was like a hammer on my head saying you have to do it. I had a lot of things at the back of
my mind but here we actually went down and detailed customer journey, expectations etc.
It confirmed the fact that we have to do things which we kept on procrastinating. Lot of
ideas I am taking back to execute, got lot of clarity, lots of ideas to experiment. The best is I
got lot of support and know the capabilities of others in the session. One thing I liked is you
made the sessions candid and informal and let us brainstorm and pour our ideas instead of
only facilitating and you helped create that experience for us.

Tamaghna Basu

Co- Founder, neoEYED.

One thing I loved is exercise we did for online and offline which got me thinking at multiple
levels and what are the things in my own business that I have to look at and a few
customers that I have got. It got me thinking what made us relatable to the customers or
what helped make that sale for us. Really excited about that. 18 month plan was a big
takeaway and it gave a lot of insights on multiple level. We are so busy that we don’t get to sit down and think what was that passion with which we started and today what we are
doing. These takeaways will help us come up with new ideas.

Dinesh Krishnan

Co-Founder, Yottaasys

We code whole day, and with this session we are taking back a lot of knowledge on how
business works. What are the things you need to understand while going to a customer or
to an investor, things we need to figure out. You think that this is the problem I am solving,
but is it really a problem? The workshop was good to understand all this.



In these two days, first is basically unlearning. There are lots of things inside our minds and
resetting with a fresh mind was one of the things. We found a structured way to approach
and now I have lot of things to do. Takeaway is basically lots of work, to make it consistent
and take us to growth which we have defined. Wonderful session.


Co-Founder, METI

Articulation and theme were pretty amazing takeaways. The customer segmentation and GTM Strategy is what I have worked on but these sessions helped me refine that. The sessions could have been more detailed from an early stage perspective.

Sushant Reddy

Founder, Ask Arvi

Cultiv8 Startup Pitch

A Startup Pitch Session was conducted for the cohort startups. The session spread across 3 days had an illustrious Panel from across Investment, Ecosystem and Entrepreneurship. The startups got valuable insights on their existing business strategies, GTM, fund raising prospects etc. We thank the Panel for their time and valuable feedback. We look forward to host them for future events. 

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