Cultiv8: Nurturing Startups and Helping Dreams Take Flight

Cultiv8 is a Technology Business Incubator(TBI), sponsored by DST, Government of India and based out of Coimbatore. Established in 2016, we have worked with 80+ startups and invested seed funds of 4 crores in 21 startups. Also we have helped the startups raise more than 75 crores from external sources. 


Helping Startups Grow from Tiny Seeds:

We help businesses with Mentors, Funding, and other resources. We provide end-to-end support for startups, guiding them from ideation to scaling up. Our holistic approach ensures that the startup receives the support they need at every stage of development.


Making Startups Self-Sustainable:

As an incubator we really want our startups to become successful and sustain on their own. Like a Venture Studio we help in business model validation and shape up the founder’s thought process aligned to customer needs.

Our programs are industry-driven, with partnerships spanning across industries, corporations, and government bodies. We provide funding support at various stages, including internal seed funds, working capital funds, and pre-series funds. We extend support even beyond your incubation period. Our custom designed Accelerator Program is designed to propel startups to the next level, with possible funding support and continued guidance.


Why Choose Cultiv8?

Cultiv8 isn’t just an incubator; we’re your co-pilots on the journey to launching your startup. We foster a strong sense of community among our startups, mentors, and investors, creating an ecosystem where everyone helps each other succeed.


If you’re ready to embark on a transformative entrepreneurial journey, Cultiv8 is here to help you take off. Join us now!!!


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