About Us

Cultiv8 is a startup ecosystem fostering exceptional founders and creating measurable business impact, powered by Government of India. Cultiv8 focuses on nurturing startups across the spectrum starting from idea/early stage to mature startups looking out for their next level of growth. 

We believe entrepreneurship is not rocket science and anyone who is passionate about the problem and the market opportunity can make it big. Our motto is to be “Founder First” and we remain focused on the startup and the team. Cultiv8 runs two Programs – Incubator and Accelerator. Our Program is structured around real world solutions and not just bootcamp with compulsory events. Our expertise lies in Product Design, Business and Investments and we obsessively focus on problem definition, PMF and GTM among many other things. Our support to startups is not time-bound and we remain committed to our startups’ success for the long term even after the duration of the Program (which means really long term!).
At Cultiv8, we encourage peer learning and hence each one of our startups provide insights to each other making it more sustainable. We want to create innovative ideas and collaborate within the community to achieve an everlasting positive influence. Lastly, we believe funding is more means to an end or just the beginning of a long journey!